The automotive industry in Georgia has a leg up on the competition due to the state's advantageous location, robust infrastructure that enables quick and easy access to markets, highly skilled workforce, and well-known business-friendly climate. All of these factors contribute to Georgia's advantageous position.

In addition, because of its century-long commitment to promoting healthy industry practices, encouraging collaboration and innovation, and positioning the state as a leader in these areas, Georgia has been a pioneer in developing and harnessing emerging technologies for the ever-evolving automotive and mobility industry. As a result of this commitment, Georgia has been a pioneer in developing and harnessing emerging technologies for the ever-evolving automotive and mobility industry.

Because of its strategic location in the middle of the southeastern United States, Georgia is only about 300 miles away from a wide array of manufacturing facilities. In addition, we can provide prompt delivery to our customers due to our extensive and well-connected network of ports, railroads, and interstates.

To meet the ever-increasing demand for electric vehicles, Georgia is making it easier for the state to become home to new automotive manufacturers and suppliers at every stage of the supply chain. For example, Rivian has announced that it intends to follow SK Innovation's footsteps and invest $5 billion in constructing a factory to produce electric trucks.

In Georgia, the state government, businesses, nonprofit groups, and educational institutions all collaborate to foster an environment that values teamwork and innovative ideas. For example, curiosity Lab and The Ray are two mobile labs we currently have due to our efforts. These labs allow us to investigate, build, and test cutting-edge technologies for autonomous and connected vehicles on a large scale.

Due to Georgia's preeminence in engineering, technology, and cybersecurity, the state is an excellent location for innovation centers.

The eighth most populous state in the United States, Georgia has a labor force of 5.3 million people and is the region's economy that is expanding at the fastest rate. Georgia has the best workforce training program in the country, top-tier educational institutions, and a comprehensive network of technical colleges spread across the state.

Unionization rates among private sector workers in this right-to-work state are extremely low, at 4.7%. Georgia is also home to some of the best right-to-work laws in the country. Free, all-encompassing, the Georgia Quick Start program provides tailored workforce solutions to new and emerging automotive firms in Georgia.