Innovation and evolution are the two keywords of the automotive industry. In keeping with this trend,   Electric vehicles (EVs) have made huge technological strides since they were first introduced, and they’re still innovating and evolving to bring forward newer developments every day. More and more companies are launching their electric and hybrid models to woo the environment conscious generation. Georgia too has set up a plant to produce electric vehicles which will be available in EU markets soon.

Electric vehicles offer numerous benefits. However, many buyers are still reluctant to invest in EVs.  Let us look at the benefits and disadvantages of an EV as compared to a conventional petrol or diesel-powered vehicle. 


  • Zero emissions: Conventional petrol or diesel powered vehicles are major contributors to pollution and greenhouse gases responsible for climate change. EVs, on the other hand, have zero emissions. Hence, they are environment friendly and contribute to a cleaner and greener future. 

  • Smooth and noiseless: Since there is only one moving part – the electric motor – in an EV, it is practically noiseless and vibration-free. The petrol/diesel engine, on the other hand, comprises multitude of rotating parts that keep grinding and hitting against each other to produce power. These lead to noise and vibrations.

  • Superior performance: Electric motors react much quicker than mechanical engines, providing more torque and agility while driving. EVs have access to the entire torque output right from standstill. Additionally, electric cars use less energy in stop-and-go city traffic, which makes it perfect for city driving.

  • Lower running costs: Electricity is cheaper than fossil fuels. Recharging an electric car costs much less in the longer run as compared to petrol/diesel cars. It can get even better if you have solar powered carport or have installed solar panels at home for generating electricity. 

  • Lower maintenance costs: A mechanical engine requires regular servicing and replacement of parts due to wear and tear, such as, frequent oil changes, fluid top-ups, clutch plate changing, belt changing, etc. Since EVs don’t have multiple components that need replacing, less maintenance is required. Additionally, the brakes of an EV normally don’t wear as quickly as those of a conventional car.


  • Long recharge time: Charging an EV takes a long time as compared to refueling a conventional car. Most EV models take hours to get fully charged, while filling the tank takes just a few minutes. 

  • Limited range: Although the range of EVs is improving day -by -day, it is still no match for the conventional cars. A long distance trip can prove to be a challenge, as it is difficult to figure out how much the battery will last in not-so-perfect driving conditions as when the EV was tested by the manufacturer. For example, harsh weather conditions, bad road conditions, speeding, etc. can all have an impact on the range, reducing it considerably.

  • Infrastructure limitations: Finding charging stations when on a long distance trip can be challenging. The lack of easily accessible charging stations is deterring buyers from investing in EVs. As EVs become more popular, more charging stations are likely to crop up, dispelling the anxieties of EV users.

  • More expensive: Electric models are usually more expensive than their petrol/diesel powered counterparts. However, as technology continues to evolve, this price gap is likely to reduce in the future.

  • Fewer choices: There is a huge variety of conventional cars to choose from. On the other hand, there is a limited choice when it comes to EVs. As they are still new to the market as compared to conventional cars, the popularity and choices are likely to go up as demands increase.

Buyers in Georgia today can select the type of vehicle that suits their requirements the best. They might like an all-electric vehicle (AEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), or a petrol/diesel-powered car.

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