An important issue to address in the care of your vehicle is its interior and exterior cleaning. A regular car wash protects the body from various environmental elements and other materials, such as insects, bird droppings, and dirt.

If the car goes months without being washed, the materials can accumulate on the surface of the car and damage the paint. Just as the exterior of the vehicle needs care, the interior also requires regular attention.

You may have washed and waxed your car, but are you using the correct products to wash it? Also, are you doing the proper technique so there are no swirl marks and scratches?

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Car exterior washing: Use only the right materials and techniques

If you don't wash your car properly, swirl marks and scratches could appear. In addition, if you do not use the right materials, you can damage the exterior of the vehicle, which means investing more time, energy and money.

Tips for washing your tires and wheels

  • Wash each tire one at a time. Wash it, rinse it, dry it and go to the other one.
  • Use the proper cleaners for this job. Use a cleaner specially designed for the type of wheels you have.
  • Get the right scrub brushes. For the wheels, use a brush with feathered bristles that won't scratch the surface.

Interior Care

Although the interior of the car is not exposed to the elements, the steering wheel and seats and dashboard can crack, peel and fade in the sun. That is why it is important to take care of the interior of the car. Whether the seats are leather or fabric, you must use different products, let's see what you need to clean them.

Vacuum the seats. No matter what type of seats you have, you must remove dirt and crumbs from between the cracks in the seat.

Use a detergent solution. Apply a household detergent solution or commercial cleaner. When using your own homemade solution for the first time, test a small area. For leather seats, do not use a cleaning solution that contains ammonia, as it can damage the leather. You can use a bristle brush to remove dirt and clean with a microfiber towel.

Apply conditioner to leather seats. This will replenish the natural oils that leather has and that does not crack and fade. After applying the conditioner, park the car in the shade for twelve hours so the seats are out of the sunlight.

To avoid stains, wipe off dirt as soon as it appears. It is advisable to clean the seats once a month. A windshield can help protect not only your seats, but your steering wheel and dash as well.

The seats are not the only ones inside the car that you should clean regularly, but the entire exterior and individual parts, including the engine.

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