This article comprehensively guides the import regulations for Japanese used cars in Georgia. Understanding these regulations is crucial for individuals and businesses importing vehicles from Japan to Georgia.

Compliance with Safety and Emission Standards

Georgia strictly complies with safety and emission standards for imported Japanese used cars. The vehicles must meet the country's safety requirements, including airbag systems, seat belts, and emission standards set by the Georgian government.

Documentation and Customs Procedures

Importing Japanese used cars into Georgia requires proper documentation and adherence to customs procedures. This includes providing necessary paperwork, such as a bill of lading, commercial invoice, proof of ownership, and clearing customs formalities through the designated ports of entry.

Age and Mileage Restrictions

Georgia has specific age and mileage restrictions on imported Japanese used cars. The vehicles must meet the country's regulations regarding the maximum allowable age and mileage at the time of importation.

Inspection and Certification

Imported Japan-used cars must undergo inspection and certification processes to ensure their compliance with Georgian regulations. This involves thorough inspections by authorized entities to verify the vehicle's condition, roadworthiness, and safety and emission standards compliance.

Taxation and Duties

Imported Japan-used cars in Georgia are subject to taxation and import duties. These fees vary depending on the vehicle's value, age, and engine capacity. It is important to understand the tax and duty structure to accurately calculate the total cost of importing Japanese used cars into Georgia.


Importing Japanese used cars into Georgia requires compliance with safety standards, proper documentation, adherence to customs procedures, and adherence to age and mileage restrictions. Familiarizing oneself with the import regulations and taxation policies is essential for a smooth and compliant importation process. By following the guidelines and fulfilling the requirements, individuals and businesses can engage in the importation of Japanese used cars by Georgia's regulations.